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Process Server

A person authorized by law to deliver papers, typically the complaint, to the defendant.


Service of Process.

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process server

n. a person who serves (delivers) legal papers in lawsuits, either as a profession or as a government official, such as a deputy sheriff, marshal or constable. (See: service of process)

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Since late September, process servers have been allowed to register for e-filing accounts to file return service affidavits with the court, and 60 process servers registered; however, some of them were initiating new cases, according to the e-filing authority.
Process servers must follow precise legal rules, so attention to detail is essential.
They are only infrequently camped out on the front porch amenably awaiting the arrival of a process server. They seem only very seldom to be home, and then it is the wife who is present but not the husband or vice versa.
The papers have to be personally served on Ricky and, apparently, the process server employed by the Trustees in Bankruptcy thought the congratulations card ruse was the best way of doing it.
For the record, process servers deliver court documents such as writs, so it was telling that a bloke running a hotel bar in Torquay should be so familiar with the phrase.
In the business management portion of the book, the author emphasizes that the private process server must be adept at reading the operational environment, behavior clues, neighborhood dynamics, and the predictable nature of people.
But otherwise it has to be served by a process server who tries two times before the notice is returned to the Department of Buildings where it is "turned into a DOB" and mailed out in the old manner.
Preferred Process Servers, Inc has been offering process server services in Queens for a combined 50+ years and has incorporated all the services lawyers might need.
Angelica Rogers, who is said to be actively dodging process servers these days, personally guaranteed the debt.
Pro Vest cooperated with the Attorney General's Office and has agreed to provide enhanced training to its employees and contract process servers to ensure the accuracy of all service of process paperwork filed in Florida courts.
We love the name "LoyalDog Software." It turns out Tampa, Florida-based ProVest LLC, a national management company for process servers, partnered with this canine-sounding software company, along with Database Services Inc.'s Process Server's Toolbox software, to provide interfaces "that dramatically reduce reporting time for other process servers." Don't ask us anymore about it, because that's all we know.

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