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Coupling Acquisition and Systems Engineering Processes at DISA
We believe that a close coupling of acquisition and systems engineering processes throughout the life cycle is essential.
The internal processes create and deliver the customer value proposition.
Internal processes such as design, production, delivery and customer service are required to transform the potential value of intangible assets into tangible value.
This involvement accomplishes many goals, including the preliminary feedback on the validity of the processes, first-hand information on ease of execution, initial training on the processes, and end-user community buy-in to both the processes and the SLA.
Creating a simple change control process can yield the tight, simple feedback loops needed to keep processes on track and continue to fulfill the SLA.
Determine which processes are good candidates for BSP, with a particular focus on cross-functional processes.
Additional information is available in the Gartner Dataquest Perspective "What Processes Are Good Candidates for BSP?
Through a careful matching of people and roles, customer-focused training, a strong performance culture, profit sharing through a stock-option plan, and sound team capabilities, Starbucks' people processes - intangible as they are - add clear value to this business.
Through our affiliation with Mark Huselid (Rutgers University) and Brian Becker (State University of New York at Buffalo), we have made substantive advancements in bottom-line metrics that apply to people processes such as those leveraged by Starbucks.
As organizations manage processes, they commonly have third party application functionality that can be integrated into TeamTrack-managed processes.
Veridium's business model is based on the engineering and marketing of green innovations and processes that enhance manufacturing efficiencies, improve resource utilization and minimize waste.