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* A corollary to the idea of organizational dysfunction is that of searching for deviance in organizational processes rather than searching for deviants among organizational members.
Through our affiliation with Mark Huselid (Rutgers University) and Brian Becker (State University of New York at Buffalo), we have made substantive advancements in bottom-line metrics that apply to people processes such as those leveraged by Starbucks.
While the rehabilitation and purchasing processes were beginning to take new shape, managers throughout the organization had a tendency to continue to write additional detailed policies that focused more on process than on outcomes for the clients.
This is illustrated in the activity node tree shown in Figure 1, Once the common processes are mapped, the truly different activities stem from the common ones and can be depicted in the lower levels and branches of the tree.
experienced the long-term forms and processes of transformational learning during and after participation in the international service-learning program in Nicaragua (Author, 2002).
Organizations need to document processes, accelerate and manage information gathering, and rapidly determine the source and approval process for critical financial information.
Provides an overview of the various pulping processes including mechanical and kraft pulping and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each.
As with the evaluation process, Flower and her colleagues (1986) identify Rewrite and Revise as two revision processes for dealing with detection and diagnosis of problems within written text.
"PLM provides the environment to manage business processes: define them, establish them, and then manage and provide metrics on them."
This technique requires additional components and processes, adds weight and creates a further surface-to-surface joint that must be sealed.

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