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They were taken in the late 1940s or early 50s and Cynthia's father, John Frank, is carrying the processional cross in the picture below
Completed by 1930 a representative replication of the Northern Gate and part of the Processional Way is now housed in the Pergamon museum in Berlin.
These regulations far outweighed the verbiage devoted to identifying the processional music and the uber-cute 3-year-old twins who accompanied their grandmother down the aisle.
Excavated at Wall of Processional Way, abylon, Mesopotamia, Glazed brick, 38 1/4" (97 cm).
The pair are well supported by the fine supporting dancers while the grand processional scenes and the sets and costumes are a visual delight.
Situated on an tight site, adjacent to the hotel, the 225sqm chapel took six months to construct, and comprises three elements: a waiting space, a processional bridge, and the chapel itself.
Watch as performers from NewcastleGateshead join visiting artists from South Africa and India in a special welcome ceremony that will include exuberant dance, processional music from traditional brass to celebratory dhol drums, and some glorious new ways with flowers.
Their processional was followed by a kindergarten class from Encino Elementary leading the Pledge of Allegiance and singing ``This Land Is Your Land.
Spero has long been dedicated to the frieze--with its linear, episodic, narrative structure, suggestive of processional dances and turning pages--and to archaic representations of the female figure, which she recasts as archetypical Everywomen.
This psalm is a thanksgiving celebration that probably was performed in a liturgy processional.
to much pomp and fanfare, including a processional of tribes from across the United States.
Coming into the Cathedral of Speyer on Christmas Eve, he heard the monks chanting the Salve Regina as a processional.