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Patients who receive the Proclaim DRG system can undergo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in MRI scanners up to 1.
Established in 2000, Proclaim Interactive is an award-winning think-out-of-the-box digital marketing agency located in Wilmington, NC.
According to the company, Proclaim DRG Neurostimulation System provides patients with chronic neuropathic pain access to its Proclaim platform, a magnetic resonance (MR)-conditional recharge-free system offering best-in-class programming, upgradeability and increased battery capacity.
Moxon & Barker is implementing a full Proclaim Practice Management solution in order to benefit from a comprehensive accounting and financial toolset, providing senior partners with instantaneous live access to financial data and practice operations.
Second, we proclaim our trust in Jesus when we find the courage to tackle the most difficult questions, including such chestnuts as the problem of evil.
Persons are free to proclaim God in their insufficiency--on their way--in the promise of God's future redemption.
In this context, the communications media can be used 'to proclaim the Gospel or to reduce it to silence within men's hearts'.
In only 157 pages, Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land touches on many if not most of the key figures and events that have shaped the American church-state landscape over the past 400 years.
We must proclaim proletarian reality in all its disgusting ugliness, with its indictment of society and its demand for revenge," declared Edwin Hoernle, a comrade of the worker photographers.
In terms of federal involvement, conservationists achieved their greatest breakthrough in 1891 with the passage by Congress of the Forest Reserve Act, which empowered the president to proclaim forest "reserves"--later renamed national forests--on the nation's public lands.
Even if all candidates for President conceded to the win of Mayor Duterte, still it is the constitutional duty of the Philippine Congress to canvass and tabulate the votes, after which that is the only time to proclaim the winning candidates, Aguirre said at a press conference at the House of Representatives with the rest of Duterte's legal team.