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The firm's Proclaim software system is in use by 23,000 professionals within a vast range of market sectors, territories and work areas.
Finance Director at Ringrose Law, Andrew Watson, said: "When we first met Eclipse in 2013, at the Legal IT exhibition in London, we were taken both by the approachability of the Eclipse team and the power of the Proclaim solution.
Third, I think we proclaim our trust in Jesus in community and in particular in the community of the church.
Yoder's account of the eschatological pull of all proclamation destabilizes the sufficiency of the Christian's self-understanding as one who successfully proclaims or testifies to God.
In this context, the communications media can be used 'to proclaim the Gospel or to reduce it to silence within men's hearts'.
Proclaim Liberty Throughout the Land is highly recommended to anyone seeking a historical overview of church and state in America.
Additionally, the practice will take advantage of Proclaim's integration with the MoJ's RTA and EL/PL Claims portal via a seamless Application-to-Application (A2A) method, enabling comprehensive management of claims through the Proclaim desktop.
In recognition of DAC's 40-year commitment to advancing technologies to enable electronics products of all kinds, I do hereby proclaim Tuesday, July 25, 2006 as Design Automation Conference Day in San Francisco
Viridian Housing has chosen to implement the Proclaim Matter Management Software solution from Eclipse Legal Systems, the Law Society's sole Endorsed software provider.
Here, the people read the signs correctly: Jesus is the Messiah, and his words proclaim an end to Israel's long estrangement from God.
T M Costings, a Buckinghamshire-based firm of dedicated costs lawyers, draftsmen and consultants, has selected a Proclaim Case Management Software solution from Eclipse, the sole Law Society Endorsed legal software provider.
Paul, however, nowhere in any of his letters commissions people to proclaim Jesus or orders leaders in the congregations to invite non-Christians to join them.