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Accordingly Camaralzaman was duly proclaimed king, and as duly married with all pomp to the Princess Haiatelnefous, with whose beauty, talents, and affections he had every reason to be pleased.
The herald then came forward again, and, instead of announcing the prize-winners, proclaimed that there was to be a final contest.
On his arrival in England, the Prince of Orange was proclaimed king, by the name of William III.
The chiefs met; the amicable pipe was smoked, the hatchet buried, and peace formally proclaimed.
was suddenly proclaimed, in the clear sweet tones I knew so well.
Rien ne va plus," proclaimed the croupier as once more he invited the company to stake, and prepared to turn the wheel.
First, therefore, let usury in general, be reduced to five in the hundred; and let that rate be proclaimed, to be free and current; and let the state shut itself out, to take any penalty for the same.
When therefore the son had been proclaimed king, and the time of mourning was over, he was forced to keep the promise which he had given his father, and caused the king's daughter to be asked in marriage, and she was promised to him.
Our friend the Sheriff of Nottingham hath proclaimed a shooting match, and hath sent messengers to tell of it through all the countryside, and the prize is to be a bright golden arrow.
On returning to France, to the bosom of the great, strong, magnificent, peaceful, and glorious fatherland, I should have proclaimed her frontiers immutable; all future wars purely defensive, all aggrandizement antinational.
After the mother had, with great difficulty, suppressed the neighbors, she went among them and proclaimed her grief.
When peace was proclaimed, his deceitful conduct was apparent to both combatants.