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We don't see many bumper stickers proclaiming "I read the National Enquirer and I'm going to vote;" but that doesn't mean the relationship between political opinion and what people read for entertainment is a simple matter.
Evangelism is proclaiming the gospel to nonbelievers.
The Orthodox, with a strong commitment to the apostolic descent of their bishops but without an effective centre of unity, apply the text to local bishops, each one of whom shows himself to be a successor to Peter by proclaiming and guarding in the local--diocesan--church the faith that Peter proclaimed at Caesarea.
In the opening pages of Dining in the Kingdom of God, LaVerdiere argues that the Eucharist is a "gospel event," meaning that in and through our participation in this shared meal we are not just recalling but proclaiming and celebrating the Good News.
The City of DeLand, Florida recently recognized Van Johnson, President of the Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers, and his wife, Jeanne Johnson, by proclaiming December 16, 2004 as "Florida Mortgage Affiliates Day.
Bonhoeffer wrote that the primary responsibility of proclaiming Christ is not to give advice, arouse emotions, or stimulate the will, but its intention is to sustain us.

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