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An act that formally declares to the general public that the government has acted in a particular way. A written or printed document issued by a superior government executive, such as the president or governor, which sets out such a declaration by the government.


noun announcement, annunciation, declaration, decree, decretal, edict, edictum, exclamation, fiat, mandate, manifesto, message, notification, official pubbication, promulgation, pronouncement, public announceeent, public avowal, public notice, publication, recitation, rescript, statement
See also: adjudication, avouchment, canon, charge, charter, command, communication, declaration, decree, dictate, directive, disclosure, divulgation, issuance, notice, notification, order, ordinance, publication, publicity, report, statement

PROCLAMATION, evidence. The act of causing some state matters to be published or made generally known. A written or printed document in which are contained such matters, issued by proper authority; as the president's proclamation, the governor's, the mayor's proclamation. The word proclamation is also used to express the public nomination made of any one to a high office; as, such a prince was proclaimed emperor.
     2. The president's proclamation has not the force of law, unless when authorized by congress; as if congress were to pass an act, which should take effect upon the happening of a contingent event, which was to be declared by the president by proclamation to hive happened; in this case the proclamation would give the act the force of law, which, till then, it wanted. How far a proclamation is evidence of facts, see Bac. Ab. Ev. F; Dougl. 594, n; B. N. P. 226; 12 Mod. 216; 8 State Tr. 212; 4 M. & S. 546; 2 Camp. Rep. 44; Dane's Ab. eh. 96, a. 2, 3 and 4; 1 Scam. R. 577; Bro. h.t.

PROCLAMATION, practice. The declaration made by the cryer, by authority of the court, that something is about to be done.
     2. It usually commences with the French word Oyez, do you hear, in order to attract attention; it is particularly used on the meeting or opening of the court, and at its adjournment; it is also frequently employed to discharge persons who have been accused of crimes or misdemeanors.

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Potential applicants have 45 days from the date of the proclamation to submit a claim.
Typically, the proclamations include an awareness of the growing need for local school districts and educational agencies to address students' emotional, physical, and environmental needs so that students can achieve academic success.
That meant slaves could be "seized'' by freeing them through the Emancipation Proclamation.
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Despite Gurowski's prediction, in the decades following the Civil War, until the middle of the twentieth century, the reputation of the Emancipation Proclamation expanded in most Americans' estimation, reaching a rather exalted status in the American history textbooks in many of our childhoods.
This is the second highest price to ever be paid for a Lincoln-signed proclamation.
President Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation, ordering the freeing of slaves, has been sold for over two million dollars at a New York auction.