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Hymns were not techniques, therefore, but were a proclamatory part of the fiber of life together under God, and as such they communicated the faith.
From them, indeed from all the "sainted" faithful, the proclamation of the church lies within the ecclesial context of martyria--that proclamatory witness that draws each faithful individual toward the transformed reality of "blest communion, fellowship divine," wherein despite our feeble struggle all are gathered into "one within [God's] great design.
Like most liberation theologians, Song privileges Jesus' denunciatory and proclamatory roles, that is, his criticism of the oppressive nature of the religious and political hierarchies of his times and his announcement of the imminent coming of God's reign of love and compassion.
Forced and, if necessary, obedient friendliness is better than a proclamatory mania for domination.
Narrative theology, as opposed to foundational or proclamatory religious statement, might advance the cause of mutuality, but not necessarily.
For example, in a sermon on John 1:1-18 the proclamatory word might be something like this: "What we hear Jesus saying through these words of John is: 'I am the Word from the beginning of creation.