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Heritage sites can use this finding to sponsor and disseminate knowledge that can accentuate proclivities and drive tourist affect and loyalty.
This result supports the contention of this study that individuals' cultural proclivities affect CMC collaboration, at least to the extent that people with a more individualistic nature are more inclined to seek out information from sources outside of their social boundaries.
H4: The accuracy of predictions of final course grades will be greater for students with lower proclivities to self-handicap than for students with greater proclivities to self-handicap.
Here, the court reasoned, the facts showed that the health-care provider knew that the patient had suicidal proclivities and was aware that the patient had manifested suicidal proclivities during her last hospitalization.
He shows that decisions about what sort of buildings to occupy, as well as the private architectural proclivities of its directors, rank alongside the commissioning of purpose designed accommodation in revealing the essence of the bank and its role in economic, public and political life.
Fast paced; sometimes overburdened with details; up-to-the minute with teenage proclivities (e.
They revealed quite cogently the leftist proclivities of the CBS commentator.
The film, told in 35 ``chapters,'' follows Kitten from boyhood, where his feminine proclivities developed, to his early-1970s adult years, where our dreamer, now in the throes of glam rock, often intersects with the Troubles, this being Jordan and Ireland and all.
Brokerage agencies are sophisticated in their knowledge of underwriting and the risk-embracing proclivities of their "outlets" with regard to specific impairments.
Because of Diaghilev's amorous proclivities, his Ballets Russes stressed its male personnel.
An Ohio-based group, dubbed Pharmacists for Life International (PFLI), also advocates refusing to fill prescriptions for people whose lifestyles offend fundamentalist religious proclivities.
Where previous California Biennials have made comprehensive statements about the salient formal or conceptual proclivities of contemporary art on the West Coast, this year's version does not seem arranged according to any central theme.