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Heritage proclivity is distinctly different from heritage proximity, a term introduced by Uriely, Yonay, and Simchai (2002).
Following Triandis's argument, in the current study, the I/C dimension is considered an individual trait, and an individual's I/C proclivity is operationalized as the likelihood that a person or a group of people will behave in an individualistic or collectivistic way.
Jones and Berglas (1978) suggest that proclivity to self-handicap should be inversely related to academic achievement.
It is not about sexual proclivity, a fact clearly laid out in McCloskey's work.
The high court determined that cows did not have a natural proclivity toward agression, but in this case were spooked by the couple's dogs.
The pope has a point, argues Christine Gudorf, when he criticizes the United States' proclivity for unilateral military action.
The German proclivity for individual offices makes, as usual, for unpleasant mainly artificially lit corridors, which are made the more anonymous and placeless because of the circular plan.
The Clinton Administration, which has displayed, on this issue and all others, a distinct proclivity to cave in to substantial pressure of any kind, has begun to let it be known that U.
The proclivity of corporations to restructure, together with what is likely to be a reduction in tax rates for capital gain, suggests partial liquidations may regain popularity.
The poet's thesis is that the nurturing proclivity of women should form the basis for a new kind of human community, a society unscarred by sexual distinctions.
It should be reiterated that we are all disordered because, owing to Original Sin, we all come into the world with a proclivity to sin.
The Phi-Nurians resemble large cockroaches with no ability to control excretion, and a proclivity for mindless aggression when confronted.