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NEVER mind BSE or foot and mouth, isn't it about time the Government declared a state of emergency and created an exclusion zone around the Peak Practice village of Cardale, where attacks of dementia and a proclivity towards sex and violence are now consuming the local population?
"Those are huge," he says, "and very few companies do that well." Sampler studies the impact of technology on companies of all sizes -- with a proclivity towards telecom and digital -- on three levels: how industries change, how companies change strategies and how companies change organizationally.
Indeed, it may be these scholars' demonstrated affinities rather than Luther's thoughts on obedience to magistrates that raised the specter of a special Lutheran proclivity toward subjection to the Fuhrer.
"I was infused with the tenacity, the ambition, the sense of long suffering, the sensibilities, and the proclivity toward a monastic life, which is what it takes to last in this industry."
This proclivity repeatedly landed him in hot water in the early years after he succeeded FDR.
"This is not a sentimental proclivity but a characteristic of realistic assumptions that players make about each other based on long-term self-interest," the researchers conclude.
Rather than punishment fitting the crime, they argued it should fit the individual criminal according to his or her "natural" proclivity to deviance and resulting danger to society.
Young found that such orders, typically meant to restrict the movement of men who show a dangerous proclivity to harm their wives or children, are handed down by judges in many cases where the evidence is weak that a husband is or has been abusive; carry harsh consequences for many of their hapless targets; and sometimes are used as a bargaining chip by the wife's side in divorce negotiations.
For instance, the heroine's weaknesses include a proclivity to overeat during periods of depression; when faced with the near-collapse of her romance with Tyrone and the near-loss of her job, Esther Jackson devours most of a carrot cake in just a day or two, behavior which Campbell represents as a signifier of desperation.
Works like Pilot Butte/Pilot Light, 1974, highlight the artist's connection to nature as well as his proclivity for artmaking as a kind of magic act.
But the woman's prior proclivity for the opposite sex seemed to matter little during the 11 years she and Alice lived together, owned homes together, and raised a little girl together.
Bush an injustice when we suggested (see "Who's Who," April 2000) that he was attracted to the Gin and Tonic society at Yale because of his proclivity for partying.