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The (DDR) Commission considers the procrastinating positions of UNAMID as threat for security throughout Darfur because it supports the positions of rebel groups and represents a clear violation of the Darfur peace agreement signed in Doha, in particular item of security arrangements, which emphasizes on the non-discrimination between the formerly warring groups when they are absorbed in reintegration programmes," Awad said.
Patty, procrastinating is just part of your process," she said.
Perry realised when he was procrastinating that he actually wasn't being lazy and often he was doing things that needed to be done.
More than a third of survey respondents (36%) also admit to procrastinating at work.
The story of a procrastinating, modern day poet had Sue Miles begging less, less, less, not more, more, more.
London, July 3 ( ANI ): We waste 69 minutes a day - that amounts to three years of our adult life - procrastinating, a study has revealed.
4 Cooking with fresh, seasonal ingredients is the law, says Ian Young 5 Emma Jenkins can work wonders with just one egg, but she's not so handy with a hammer 6 Don't put it off, make lamb saag advises a procrastinating Vish D'lish 7 How to take the sting out of gardening with Clive Edwards 8&9 Cruising down the picturesque rivers that flow through Germany plus a look at what's great about the city of Bergen 10 Pick a fantastic holiday from our readers' selection 11 What's Jersey got to offer?
It is very easy to fall into the trap of procrastinating and over time, this turns into a habit as it is always easier to take the path with least resistance.
The committee, the one working in Harf Sufyan, said it had stopped because Al Houthi rebels kept delaying and procrastinating over the implementation of the six conditions by breaking promises and committing violations on the ground.
So iPhone users have no excuse for procrastinating about signing up to be an organ donor.
If you've been wavering about trading in your gas-guzzler under the wildly popular Cash for Clunkers program, it's time to stop procrastinating.
IN THIS, MY FIRST YEAR OF A FULL-TIME JOB, I rarely find myself concerned about the extent to which I might or might not be procrastinating.