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Self-perception as procrastinator. This was a single item assessment: "Do you see yourself as a procrastinator in general?" (1 = No, I do not see myself as a procrastinator; 4 = Yes, I see myself as a procrastinator).
If you have the right types of team members, with some who are more deadline-oriented and others who are procrastinators and deliver great work on a tight deadline, that would be ideal.
Procrastinators always want instant gratification and leave their fate to chance.
According to Psychology Today, 20% of people identify themselves as chronic procrastinators. For them procrastination is a lifestyle cutting across all domains of their life.
Psychologists suggest that chronic procrastinators are often perfectionists who fear doing something that isn't perfect, so they don't do anything.
Some studies (e.g., Ellis & Knaus, 1977; Schouwenburg, 2004) reported that approximately 70% of college students considered themselves procrastinators, and academic procrastination has been reported across the world (e.g., Ferrari, Diaz-Morales, O'Callaghan, Diaz, & Argumedo, 2007; Klassen et al., 2010; Seo, 2011).
In search of the arousal procrastinator: Investigating the relation between procrastination, arousal-based personality traits and beliefs about procrastination motivations.
Procrastinators usually avoid revealing information about their abilities, prefer menial tasks, make poor time estimates, tend to focus on the past, and do not act on their intentions.
Deadlines must be introduced to counter the inner procrastinator in all of us, and Silard presents other suggestions and data for readers to best understand how to align themselves with their vision and move towards that goal.
Bishop also received an honourable mention for magazine cover (March 2008), as did freelancer Erin Woods for her contribution A Procrastinator's Lament (October 2008), and Abel Pandy for his photograph "Kevin" in the February photo essay.
"The Procrastinator's Bible for Financial Success: Nine Essential Steps for Planning, Budgeting and Investing" is a compact 137-page book that is overflowing with financial information.
"I wouldn't be such a procrastinator. I worry terribly about decisions."