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The Intuos Creative Stylus 2 will be supported in Procreate 2.
Sexuality: The instinct to procreate is one of the most compelling behaviors in humans, and is exemplified in the family presented.
Throughout, this article suggests that the right to procreate so conceived is in tension with an embedded constitutional principle that prohibits one class of persons from treating another as property.
The idea of compulsory sterilisation has long been associated with draconian regimes and, of course, in these politically correct times it contravenes the basic human right to procreate.
Let's leave that argument, find what truth we can, and deny this philosophy of "survival of the fittest"--which Hitler appropriated to kill Gypsies, gays and lesbians, handicapped people, as well as Jews as not being "fit" to live and procreate.
In response, at its annual camp about 200 miles from Moscow, the Russian youth movement Nashi ("Ours"), in addition to banning alcohol and promoting physical fitness, held mass weddings and led the newly betrothed to a special "Love Oasis" where they were expected to copulate, and thus procreate, for the motherland.
Maybe one day, her and tattiefaced Wayne might procreate and introduce a new hybrid to the world.
In Salamatou Adamou's neighborhood in Limantchi, Niger, preacher El Hadj Sabiou emerges from his mosque to quote from the Koran, "To better propagate the faith, the Islamic Oumah [community] must procreate.
So sexual intercourse was meant by God to be the right of married people only and to be used by them for two purposes only: to procreate new life, if nature so co-operates--that is sexual intercourse's procreative purpose, and to build up the love and unity of the spouses--sexual intercourse's unitive purpose.
The reason the union of a same-sex couple is an abomination must be because they can't procreate.
Yes, God wants us to procreate, but God can also bring good out of every situation.
Civil liberties advocates, who have challenged the rulings, claim the decisions unconstitutionally infringe on an individual's right to procreate and recall "shameful" past government-sponsored eugenics programs.