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Persons may prefer not to procreate because they are not located within socially acceptable parenting relationships.
Wacom designed the pressure-sensitive stylus and Savage's Procreate has been the application choice of many artists when it comes to drawing and illustration on the iPad.
Still, there are sometimes good reasons not to procreate, according to Overall.
Sexuality: The instinct to procreate is one of the most compelling behaviors in humans, and is exemplified in the family presented.
For such legislation to be constitutional, it would presuppose that the fundamental rights to procreate and to raise one's child are less robust for persons who conceive via ART than they are for persons who conceive through sexual reproduction.
We're not here for any particular reason other than to procreate, to further the species, just the same as the rest of the animal kingdom, of which we are a small part alongside grass, plants and trees.
So, in addition to being the victims of draught, war and the immoral imbalance in howtheworld''s wealth is distributed they face the final humiliation of having their basic right to procreate taken away from them.
We have nothing against children nor against people who choose to have them, so it is incredibly offensive that someone would judge us or imply that we are somehow inferior because we choose not to procreate.
In exchange for providing their protein, they get to procreate in well fed and watered safety, free from the perils of the wild.
Instead, the broad, modern, privacy-based version of the right to procreate leaves the matter exclusively and privately to the whims of prospective parents, allowing them to create any number of children in any manner of circumstances.
I do not have children, I work a 50-hour week on average, as does my husband, and I am absolutely fed up of these people who believe it is their God-given right to procreate then stay at home for the next 16 years while the state supports them just because they are unmarried.
The idea of compulsory sterilisation has long been associated with draconian regimes and, of course, in these politically correct times it contravenes the basic human right to procreate.