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PROCREATION. The generation of children; it is an act authorized by the law of nature: one of the principal ends of marriage is the procreation of children. Inst. tit. 2, in pr.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Anyway, the new version of Procreate Pocket brings parity between the two versions in more or less all but screen size.
"Man was made for woman to procreate, that was the goal, no?
On the iPhone, top honours went to Procreate Pocket , the iPhone App of the Year.
He stressed that "limiting the definition of marriage as between man and woman is, on its face, a grave abuse of discretion because the 1987 Constitution does not define marriage solely as between man and woman, and the Family Code does not require married individuals to procreate or have the ability to procreate."
Court of Appeals that reinforces that 'one of the essential marital obligations under the Family Code is to procreate children.'
Or why is it that a 65-year-old woman who can no longer procreate is still allowed to marry a younger man?
Westreich discusses the right to procreate in the Israeli context; the implementation of that right; restrictions on that right due to societal, legal or religious concerns; and the effect of the changing conceptions of the right both substantively and in practice on core family concepts.
Although freedom to procreate may be outweighed by other ethical concerns we would require compelling reasons to override it.
In September 2011, Tablet published Elizabeth Rubin's 8,700-word expose on the young women of Israel's most extreme settlements"a new kind of girlsmitten with God, righteous, ideological, ready to fight and procreate for the cause of restoring biblical Israel." The piece included photographs of the teenagers in question.
Arbil/NINA/--Head of Kurdistan province , Massoud Barzani met a European delegation and discussed together : "The procreate ways to fight against terrorism and the serious requires of work from all parties, intellectually, as well as on the economic and social levels .
Summary: Wacom and Savage has announced that Procreate 2.3 is now compatible with the Intuos Creative Stylus 2.