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Is the exclusive power vested by the Constitution so great that it trumps the parental power, so that a prospective parent has a claim-right of noninterference to have a child, in the sense of procreating, but not to have a child, in the sense of retaining custody of it?
Unfortunately, many people refuse to think before they act and are procreating without enough time available to spend with their young offspring, as well as without enough appropriate child-rearing knowledge.
So bad does it seem sometimes that it is a wonder anyone risks procreating only to bring more unfortunates into this hellish existence.
And if human capabilities were under dangerous strain, charity to the poor could make matters worse by allowing the unfit to continue procreating.
This court has taken the unprecedented step of reversing the presumptions of state and federal constitutional law to require that a parent prove she is worthy of procreating," the brief stated.
You didn't start procreating until you were getting on a bit.
Rather than the corporate video, a joke film showing two rabbits procreating was sent instead.