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PROCREATION. The generation of children; it is an act authorized by the law of nature: one of the principal ends of marriage is the procreation of children. Inst. tit. 2, in pr.

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Orders and multi-year supply contract for the supply of drugs to medically assisted procreation.
Aujourd'hui, grace aux progres realises dans le domaine de la procreation assistee, etre infertile n'est, dans bien des cas, plus une fatalite, et desirer un bebe est de plus en plus un reve a portee de mainde nombreux couples.
You look at the God-given nature and purpose of sexuality, and you determine it is procreation and the love union of the spouses.
An entire chapter, for example, is devoted to the subject of sex; and discussed therein is everything from the etiquette associated with random, spontaneous sex to sex for the quasi-godly purpose of procreation, and from masturbation to how--and when--to pay a callgirl or callboy (where it is legal, of course
Cardinal-designate Sebastian said in an interview in January that "with all respect I say that homosexuality is a defective way of manifesting sexuality, because that has a structure and a purpose which is procreation.
RAWALPINDI -- Procreation of dengue larva has been revealed in the nearby areas of federal capital while patients have started consulting in the hospitals of Rawalpindi.
While myths like these explain natural phenomena, or the existence of the world, by reference to human reproduction, there are also myths that account for the phenomenon of procreation itself.
I'D like to respond to Peter Mackin's letter regarding procreation being the primary purpose of marriage.
POPE PIUS XI, IN HIS 1930 ENCYCLICAL Casti connubii, upended the traditional teaching that procreation is the primary end of marriage.
com)-- Procreation is proud to announce the launch of their new website www.
According to the agreement, the two sides will work to enhance cooperation in the fields of primary health care, training of manpower, provision of medicine and medical devices and services, procreation health, population policies, school and university health, organs implantation in addition to forging a joint strategy in the field of medicine industry and encouragement of investment in this field.
Plans to extend marriage to same-sex couples would strip the union of its "distinctive nature" and reduce it to just the commitment of the two people involved, without recognising the intention of procreation and the education of children, the Archbishop of Westminster, the Most Rev Vincent Nichols, has said.