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But equally harsh language is used for other sexual transgressions of the church's procreative norm.
Opponents of the traditional position often point to actual social practices to belie the claim that the procreative and unitive aspects of sex are linked.
14 articulated an intentional description of the contraceptive act, which can be concisely paraphrased as "those acts intended to prevent the procreative consequences of marital acts," (34) where "marital act" (i.
The effect of various irrigation levels didn't have significant influence on dry weight of stem and procreative organ, but the plant kind showed significant influence on this character on the probability of five percent levels (Tab.
Claiming that the restriction of embryo transfer practices will not limit reproductive rights seems to neglect the procreative choice of conceiving multiples in one pregnancy.
Oklahoma (3) was fight to describe procreative liberty as "one of the basic civil rights of man.
Part III of the Note discusses the fundamental right to marriage and how it might affect the strength of privacy and procreative rights.
It scrutinizes the claim that opposite-sex couples represent "a naturally, inherently procreative relationship" while same-sex couples do not, as well as the reasoning to the conclusion that the alleged difference justifies separate institutions.
Homosexuality, be it acceptable or unacceptable, is not exactly a procreative act, is it?
While I'm not an expert in evolutionary theory, it is my understanding that the predominant consensus is that population is controlled largely by food supplies, not by procreative habits.
The premier issue focuses on issues of human enhancement, including sports and enhancement research, social perspectives and genetic enhancement, virtue ethics and prenatal genetic enhancement, enhancement and its relation to eugenics, genetic enhancement and procreative autonomy, societal considerations of life span extension, medical nanorobotics, and related aging intervention research.