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A hospital is certified as an EndoBarrier Center of Excellence following a rigorous training and proctorship program conducted by GI Dynamics in collaboration with global experts in type 2 diabetes and obesity management.
Satoshi Saito, Assistant Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery, under the proctorship of Dr.
Similarly, another leading medical device company customer extended services procured from HealthStream with the purchase of a proctorship product training activity for physicians.
Our PhysicianDirect(TM) products are designed to improve physicians' knowledge and adoption of new techniques or advances with new treatments and consist of a range of live workshop, online CME, online product training, print CME, preceptorship and proctorship activities.
The Continuing Medical Education (CME) accredited course is one of only a few available throughout the country, and physicians that complete the course will then be able to receive specific device training and proctorship to perform the procedure in their own institution.