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Within the Lythraceae, modern Sonneratia wood is similar to that of Duabanga, Lagerstroemia, and Punica, but is distinguished from them by the total absence of axial parenchyma, by the presence of homogeneous to weakly heterogeneous rays of mostly squared and procumbent cells, and by the presence of at least some septate fibers.
The dwarf birch is a charming procumbent plant found growing untamed in this country too.
Rays were heterocellular, possessing both upright and procumbent cells (Fig.
praambachense) Rays Homogeneous to weakly Homogeneous to weakly heterogeneous, mainly heterogeneous, mainly procumbent cells with procumbent some erect erect cells, esp.
Non Blume), family Gentianaceae is a glabrous or procumbent perennial herb found throughout India, especially in coastal regions.