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Condoms would be procurable at the low rate of ` three- five for five pieces at these outlets.
A lifelong punter myself, with experience both within the betting industry and also as a retired management consultant, I could offer knowledge, objectivity and independence not procurable from within the industry and not readily available outside.
The court reasoned that Horst clearly indicates that a taxpayer can realize a gain subject to taxation, and although he "never receives the money he derives money's worth from the disposition of [the source of the income] which he has used as money or money's worth in the procuring of a satisfaction which is procurable only by the expenditure of money or money's worth.
We propose to aid materially the scientific and the mechanical development of business in India rubber gum, gutta-percha, and kindred products, by giving the manufacturer all meritorious information procurable as to old and new methods and compounds.