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To cause something to happen; to find and obtain something or someone.

Procure refers to commencing a proceeding; bringing about a result; persuading, inducing, or causing a person to do a particular act; obtaining possession or control over an item; or making a person available for sexual intercourse.


verb accomplish, accumulate, achieve, appropriate, attain, bag, bring, buy, capture, cause, come by, commandeer, comparare, dig up, earn, effect, fetch, find, force from, gain, gather, get, glean, help oneself to, hire, lay hands on, make a purchase, obtain, pick up, provide, purchase, realize, reap, receive, secure, seize, take, take possession of
See also: acquire, attain, buy, coax, collect, contrive, derive, educe, engage, evoke, gain, glean, hire, lobby, obtain, occupy, pander, purchase, raise, realize, reap, receive, recover, secure
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He said they were procured late last year with full approval from the Governing Board of NECO and the Bureau for Public Procurement.
The first hypothesis of the study states that the levels of project inception, design, construction and overall planning done when projects are procured by DBB and DL methods are not significantly different.
According to Gonul, the number of low altitude air defense missile systems that would be procured could go as high as 27.
Shakeel said that Khybar Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and Balochistan have procured 0.15 and 0.05 million tons respectively.
Further, the journals procured by these universities were duplicated, and there was no formal understanding between them for resource sharing.
The contract specialist has little time to perform duties perceived as non-critical while continually pressured to rapidly originate more contracts in order to increase the contract dollars procured and number of contracts awarded.
Some examples of components being procured and supported include servo cylinders, valve assemblies and circuit card assemblies.
origin articles that were procured under EMS procurement.
He knew that a wigmaker's assistant named Callet procured for the chevalier Eklin and the marquis de M ...
ISLAMABAD -- Wheat procurement campaign across the grain growing areas of the country was in full swing as about 2.3 million tons of the commodity had been procured so far from the top grain growing provinces including Punjab and Sindh.
FAISALABAD -- All arrangements have been completed to start wheat procurement campaign in Faisalabad division.A spokesman for the Food Department said here Saturday that 504,000 metric tons of wheat would be procured in Faisalabad division.
New Delhi: The Centre has procured 2,300 tonnes of onions directly from farmers this year so far to build buffer stock to be utilised for market intervention in the event of price rise during a lean season.