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Ninety percent of all procurements within the organization consisted of electronic components and devices, clearly making that area the new target.
First, the sources sought and SBA approval efforts required 90 days to accomplish, but that delay can be fully avoided on future procurements as the answer is generically appropriate to any other similar procurement.
The new program is expected to significantly speed procurement processes involving contract labor standards and enable federal agencies to be more consistent in the application of these laws.
Editor's note: To view the attachments, visit the Director, Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy Web site at <http://www.
Prior to 2005, the United States Air Force (USAF) purchased only Intel processors and specified this requirement in all of its procurement materials.
This anticompetitive procurement language increases prices and reduces quantities, product variety, and quality.
We are concerned that the interim guidelines, the extensive news coverage and the related uncertainties surrounding government procurement are already having a chilling effect in this marketplace.
The Association plays the leading role in issues of IT industry concern including information security, taxes and finance policy, digital intellectual property protection, telecommunications competition, workforce and education, immigration, online privacy and consumer protection, government IT procurement, human resources and e-commerce policy.
In a real-time reverse-auction procurement event, opportunities for both buyers and suppliers are optimized.
PurchaseSoft drives down procurement costs with a practical, reliable solution for companywide purchasing efficiency.
This new model has generated interest from the California State University System, which is viewing SDSU's project as a pilot for a system-wide procurement solution.
This recent procurement, named Desktop V, comprises a number of systems including notebooks, desktops and servers, with the total number amounting to 360,000 computers and 10,000 servers.

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