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Of course in the Research and Development (R&D) arena, many items were not traditionally considered commercial, and the $100,000 limit when using simplified acquisition procedures loomed as a significant drawback as the annual procurements easily exceeded that limit by an order of magnitude.
Given the preceding discussion, the first experiment was obviously limited in scope to a single item type, and while the simplified acquisition approach and government purchase card payment method offered savings, the administrative overhead savings applied only to single item type procurements.
Lee Director, Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy
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Sade, the Department of Commerce's Director for Acquisition Management and Procurement Executive, stated, "I am committed to providing the Department's acquisition communities with a state-of-the-art tool for conducting our acquisition business processes.
In procurement, we are guided by a simple principle to seek the most cost-effective system that meets our requirements.
Non-competitive government procurement practices are needlessly costing American taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars at a time when we are faced with budgetary belt-tightening across the board," said Sue Snyder, AMD vice president of international policy & relations and executive legal counsel.
The procurement vehicles in widespread use within California today are basically good systems for the state and its citizens, but they can and should be improved," said ITAA President Harris N.
The goal of the procurement process is to get the appropriate product or service at the best price at the right time," stated Dr.
PurchaseSoft offers unparalleled expertise in procurement, the result of more than 24 years of procurement consulting and software development experience.
Intelisys, a leading provider of global electronic procurement solutions, today announced that San Diego State University (SDSU) has selected the Intelisys solution to gain significant process improvements on their procurement of non-production goods and services.
30 1996--In a move to introduce greater flexibility into future IT systems development and obtain a higher and more sustainable return on investment in open systems technology, the United States Air Force has mandated the X/Open XPG4 Base brand in a recent request for procurement for IT systems with an estimated valued of $1.

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