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To cause something to happen; to find and obtain something or someone.

Procure refers to commencing a proceeding; bringing about a result; persuading, inducing, or causing a person to do a particular act; obtaining possession or control over an item; or making a person available for sexual intercourse.


verb accomplish, accumulate, achieve, appropriate, attain, bag, bring, buy, capture, cause, come by, commandeer, comparare, dig up, earn, effect, fetch, find, force from, gain, gather, get, glean, help oneself to, hire, lay hands on, make a purchase, obtain, pick up, provide, purchase, realize, reap, receive, secure, seize, take, take possession of
See also: acquire, attain, buy, coax, collect, contrive, derive, educe, engage, evoke, gain, glean, hire, lobby, obtain, occupy, pander, purchase, raise, realize, reap, receive, recover, secure
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The legislation also allows the board to regulate the procurers, authority the board did not previously have, which made it difficult to prove that a runner had been paid by a particular chiropractor.
The findings of the study prepared by the Oman Power and Water Procurer suggest that the use of domestic natural gas to produce electricity and water is much less cost-effective alternative for the national economy.
The power procurer, Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Co.
The Gondolier's machinations as procurer, the Artisan's manufacture of a defective product, the Captain's soldiering for ambition, the Actress's performance as prostitute, the Alchemist's experiments for gain all represent violations of craft.
For `The House of Marcus Lycus' "--in which the local procurer presents his array of courtesans to Pseudolus, the bustling comic whirlwind of a central character portrayed by Nathan Lane--"each lady gets a real showcase.
Despite the lack of a rigid hierarchy, members typically fall into one of several roles - leader, check procurer, counterfeiter, information broker, or check passer.
Of the first group, the most notable is Bubu de Montparnasse (1901), which tells the story of a young prostitute's relationship with her procurer and with a young intellectual who tries to save her.
225 of the Government of the Republic of 30 June 2006, will be procured through the central procurer (except for items not subject to procurement) be covered by a contract with a central contractor).
En cette douloureuse circonstance, je presente, en mon nom propre et en celui des membres du Bureau politique et du Comite central du Parti, mes condoleances les plus sinceres a sa mere, son epouse et ses fils, Ali, Sofia et Yanis, ses freres et soeurs, ses amis, ses proches ainsi qu'a tous les membres de la famille du defunt, implorant Dieu le Tout-Puissant de leur procurer patience, reconfort et compassion.
Il faut permettre aux Tunisiens residant a l'etranger de se procurer les documents administratifs necessaires a distance en se mettant en contact avec les autorites [beaucoup plus grand que], a-t-elle affirme.
Des juin 1955, annee ou le colonel Ouamrane l'envoya au Maroc pour se procurer des armes, l'auteur sera charge, jusqu'a l'independance, de missions liees a l'achat, a la fabrication ou au transport de ce qu'il appelle, a juste titre [beaucoup moins que] le nerf de la guerre [beaucoup plus grand que].
Le ministre a ajoute, dans le meme contexte, que la levee de la subvention dans le secteur industriel va procurer pres de 650 millions de dinars aux caisses de l'Etat.