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To cause something to happen; to find and obtain something or someone.

Procure refers to commencing a proceeding; bringing about a result; persuading, inducing, or causing a person to do a particular act; obtaining possession or control over an item; or making a person available for sexual intercourse.


verb accomplish, accumulate, achieve, appropriate, attain, bag, bring, buy, capture, cause, come by, commandeer, comparare, dig up, earn, effect, fetch, find, force from, gain, gather, get, glean, help oneself to, hire, lay hands on, make a purchase, obtain, pick up, provide, purchase, realize, reap, receive, secure, seize, take, take possession of
See also: acquire, attain, buy, coax, collect, contrive, derive, educe, engage, evoke, gain, glean, hire, lobby, obtain, occupy, pander, purchase, raise, realize, reap, receive, recover, secure
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The legislation also allows the board to regulate the procurers, authority the board did not previously have, which made it difficult to prove that a runner had been paid by a particular chiropractor.
4) A 958-page encyclopedia of 155 categories of professions high and low, this collection surveyed the likes of kings and courtiers, philosophers and poets, clerics and theologians, lawyers and physicians, merchants and artisans, servants and grave-diggers, procurers and thieves.
Check procurers obtain authentic checks, usually by stealing them while employed within a financial institution.
The findings of the study prepared by the Oman Power and Water Procurer suggest that the use of domestic natural gas to produce electricity and water is much less cost-effective alternative for the national economy.
Pathmanathan, also known as Kumaran Pathmanathan or KP, was reputed to be the LTTE's chief arms procurer and was named as the organization's head of international relations by leader Velupillai Prabhakaran some months before he was killed by the Sri Lanka army in May.
Pour moi l'argent est un outil pour rE[umlaut]aliser mes rE[logical not]ves et me procurer les choses que je souhaite.
Jerry Lewis, R-Redlands, a skillful procurer of federal funds who sought the paleontology money, doesn't buy the anti-pork argument.
Total quantity or scope: Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council is acting as the procurer on behalf of the GMCA to appoint a provider/s.
8200;Zaaboub, Kabira qui beneficie d'un bel engagement qui devrait lui procurer matiere a satisfaction pour venir sur la distance etoffer victorieusement son palmares, car elle aura l'avantage d'affronter un lot a sa portee dans ce pari mutuel des plus ouverts qui s'adresse aux chevaux de 4 ans et plus de race arabe ne et eleve en Algerie et qui n'ont pas totalise la somme de 111.
beaucoup moins que]Dealer[beaucoup plus grand que] au [beaucoup moins que]doulab[beaucoup plus grand que] Se procurer de haschich n'est pas difficile.
Cette situation preoccupante incite les populations a reflechir sur les mesures a entreprendre pour se procurer cette matiere vitale, afin de se preserver et sauver leur cheptel.
She is said to have worked closely with businessman Gianpaolo Tarantini, 36, who was the main procurer of the women - most of whom are said to be TV stars and models.