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To cause something to happen; to find and obtain something or someone.

Procure refers to commencing a proceeding; bringing about a result; persuading, inducing, or causing a person to do a particular act; obtaining possession or control over an item; or making a person available for sexual intercourse.

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On the other hand, procurers seeking to lessen the risk associated with infrastructure construction may have to face the reality of increased costs and irrecoverable VAT.
The legislation also allows the board to regulate the procurers, authority the board did not previously have, which made it difficult to prove that a runner had been paid by a particular chiropractor.
Currently, Fujitsu is the third-largest Japanese procurer of Taiwan-made ICT products.
A former North Carolina body parts procurer was sentenced to eight years in prison Monday for what prosecutors described as a heinous fraud scheme in which he falsified medical records of cadavers so tissues could be sold for transplant, the Associated Press reported.
He is reputed to have been the major arms procurer for the LTTE, and The Island newspaper ran its report on Nambiar's phone conversation with him with the headline: ''Nambiar calls Tiger arms dealer from KIA toilet.''
The order was placed by the Finnish navy's procurer, the German company Atlas Elektronik, which will also integrate the systems in the Finnish navy's new vessels as part of the Finnish mine countermeasures (MCM) programme.
Cependant, en raison du nombre limitE[umlaut] de places, il faut se procurer un carton d'invitation, en contactant l'ASEZA, Mlle Nancy Tayyan 03-2091000 ext 2480.COMMUNIQUE DE PRESSE
"Collection of commercial mixed paper can be economically viable for both the supplier and procurer," Kibler said.
He became the terrorists' main fundraiser and arms procurer.
Private label procurer Topco Associates, LLC has extended its purchasing savvy to the national brand level with World Brands, a consortium that includes 25 of the cooperative's retail members and six of its wholesale members.
Il a ete concu afin de procurer aux diplomes de niveau postsecondaire du Nord de l'Ontario une experience de travail enrichissante dans de petites et moyennes entreprises actives dans deux des domaines strategiques de FedNor: l'innovation et la connectivite.
The Danish public sector procurer Statens og Kommunernes Indkobs Service (SKI) has awarded a major three-year framework contract for software to Microsoft Danmark.

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