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When those clients expressed concern about a loss of sexual desire, they said some prodders concluded that the problem originated with the woman rather than exploring how a woman's social environment, her relationship with her partner, or other factors might be affecting her sexual desire.
She has a birth defect called Prader-Willi syndrome (pronounced prodder willy) or PWS, which affects the brain's hypothalamus, the region of the brain responsible for appetite, growth, temperature regulation, and metabolic rate.
Monks is a pusher and a prodder and holds everything to a higher standard.
You prodder of imagination with no imagination of your own
Systems on display at the conference ranged from large, high-tech machines like JINGOSS to the inexpensive Instrumented Prodder, a hand-held prod that is able to identify the type of material it contacts.
Outside shrouds with hull chainplates support the alloy rig, while up front the retractable prodder deploys for an asymmetric kite.
He told police he thought it was a pig or cattle prodder which he claimed to have taken from a youth to stop trouble in his area up to eight years ago.