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Nanostring Technologies Novartis Olerup SSP AB One Lambda OPKO OriGene Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Osmetech Molecular Diagnostics PrimeraDx Prodesse, Inc.
Comparison of the FilmArray RP, Verigene RV+, and Prodesse ProFLU+/FAST+ multiplex platforms for detection of influenza viruses in clinical samples from the 2011-2012 influenza season in Belgium.
Comparison of the FilmArray respiratory panel and prodesse real-time PCR assays for detection of respiratory pathogens.
Reevaluation of the Premier Clostridium difficile toxin A and B immunoassay with comparison to glutamate dehydrogenase common antigen testing evaluating Bartels cytotoxin and Prodesse ProGastro Cd polymerase chain reaction as confirmatory procedures.
9) Company Assay Prodesse ProFlu BD GeneOhm MRSA BD GeneOhm StrepB BD GeneOhm C.
de la capacidad necesaria de los espectaculos publicos como el teatro para satisfacer "dos grandes objetos: la instruccion y la diversion publica" (26), ligera variacion del horaciano aut prodesse .
San Diego CA) said it plans to acquire Prodesse Inc.
For Quintus Horatius Flaccus (De arte poetica, verses 333 [pounds sterling]) literature has the two main goals of instruction and delight: "aut prodesse volunt auf delectare poetae ant simul et mcunda et idonea dicere vitae" (Poetry shall instruct and please, create communication pleasures and combine what is agreeable and useful for our life).
Price Paige & Company CPAs * Prodesse Property Group * Prometheus Laboratories Inc.
Its bone of contention has an old and dignified pre-Darwinian tradition: "Aut prodesse volunt aut delectare poetae"--poets wish to either be useful or to delight--as Horace writes in his Ars Poetica.
Of course those early efforts were smudgy imitations of Jennings and Just William, but they fed some craving in me, and when I first saw my name in print a few years later in Ashington Grammar School's Prodesse magazine my ego was satisfied too.
16) Horace actually lists three possible aims for the poet: to be useful, to entertain, or to do both--"aut prodesse volunt aut delectare poetae, / aut simul et iucunda et idonea dicere vitae" (lines 333-34).