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Every freak of prodigality was indulged to its fullest extent, and in a little while most of the trappers, having squandered away all their wages, and perhaps run knee-deep in debt, were ready for another hard campaign in the wilderness.
She obeyed like one in a dream, and when she could affix no more he himself tucked a bud or two into her hat, and heaped her basket with others in the prodigality of his bounty.
Despite the prodigality of his nature, he had poise.
He clasped his hands in despair at the picture of pecuniary compulsion which his fancy had conjured up -- his own golden life-blood spouting from him in great jets of prodigality, under the lancet of Mrs.
It grieves me to witness the extravagance that pervades this country,” said the Judge, “where the settlers trifle with the blessings they might enjoy, with the prodigality of successful adventurers.
That night she saw one of the new spectacles which have lately become the rage, and run for hundreds of nights, dazzling, exciting, and demoralizing the spectator by every allurement French ingenuity can invent, and American prodigality execute.
Greene in his 'History of England' has well spoken of 'the characteristics of his oratory--its passionate ardor, its poetic fancy, its amazing prodigality of resources; the dazzling succession in which irony, pathos, invective, tenderness, the most brilliant word pictures, the coolest argument, followed each other.
Permit me to give an idea of my devotion to my aunt's interests by recording that, on this occasion, I committed the prodigality of taking a cab.
Arrangements had been made for their comfort, with a prodigality and care that had not failed to excite some surprise in his young men, but in no other particular did he shock their manly pride, by betraying any solicitude in behalf of the weaker sex.
K becoming a laughing matter, in this friend-today, enemy-tomorrow, friends-forever relational circus, with the man he told me, taught him all he knows in politics and I guess, including the art of prodigality.
Both the Qur'an and Sunnah make it absolutely clear that avoiding waste and prodigality is a matter of the highest importance.
When the US president says he is aware that Qatar has been financing terror, it also means that previous US administrations have turned a blind eye to Qatar's prodigality.