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"[An] engaging and insightful account of American childhood prodigies....
Not surprisingly, those lessons tend to circle back to the prodigies' parents--who run the gamut from free-range advocate to prison warden without the charm--and in many ways the book is as much about the parents as it is about their progenies.
In a previous study, Ruthsatz and a colleague had found that half of the prodigies in their sample had a family member or a first- or second-degree relative with an autism diagnosis.
There is a possible link between child prodigies' special skills and autistic youngsters, suggests a study published in the journal Intelligence.
Washington, November 10 ( ANI ): A new study found a link between child prodigies and autism.
Wonder Kids: The Remarkable Lives of Nine Child Prodigies
An Age of Wonders: Prodigies, Politics and Providence in England 1657-1727.
A NUMBER OF RECENT FILMS AND TV SHOWS, HOWEVER, portray geniuses as emotionally stunted, lonely, asocial prodigies who don't know how to enjoy life.
There is an award for young person who made a difference and stars such as Sir Paul McCartney (pictured) and Martin Kemp present awards.Britain's Brilliant Prodigies (ITV1, 6.20pm)
Musical Prodigies: Perilous Journeys, Remarkable Lives.
When two sober intellectual historians -- one of medieval and Renaissance medicine, the other of Enlightenment mathematics -- confess to a long-held fascination with monsters and prodigies, the result is likely to be a wonderful book.
No, somehow it's just the child prodigies with the teeny thighs and the perfect hair that make her feel like something political is going on.