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Sachak CEO EFU Life Insurance speaking on the occasion said 'Bancatakaful' is the commencement of a new chapter in the Shariah compliant market and a mean of strategically penetrating through the industry that has witnessed prodigious growth in Pakistan itself.
recognizable brand, Prodigious, allows us to show the market that we have become that leader.
Harrison is busy preparing for the next auction at Hall Green, and after the wins this week of sales lots Prodigious and Droopys Comfort, not to mention the trial 'record' of Frosty Lee at Wimbledon, Harrison is a "dream to live with just now", says Norah.
It's a prodigious effort that wouldn't be possible without our dedicated team of copy editors.
Like Ana Kokkinos (Head On) and Laura Muscardin (Bays), prodigious Anahi Berneri proves herself a female director with a sure eye for a gay man's dilemmas and inner dignity, and she's crafted a cagey, compelling AI DS portrait in the bargain.
Although sadly it's been a while since Hollywood embraced any serious subject matter that deals with environmental themes, the 1980s and 90s were a prodigious time for the topic ("L.
This is the story of a 19th century factory superintendent blessed with more than his share of common sense and ingenuity who is transported back in time (with the help of a prodigious knock on the head) to sixth century Britain, Camelot and the legendary court of King Arthur.
Once again proving his commitment to Americas sick and disabled veterans, prodigious recruiter Coy Hennis has captured his fifth Recruiter of the Year title.
As Bear's far and wide assortment of friends testified about Agnew's prodigious skills and superior exploits, it was apparent to all that his is an irreplaceable loss.
And at fifty grand for such prodigious performance, the RS is prodigious value.
Gary's is probably a bit more spectacular because of the prodigious leap, and he's brave and he's full of courage and he's only looking for the ball.