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But how can we reconcile the crucial negation of Prospero's power with the emphasis the play places on the prodigiousness of his power to control all forms of labor, movement, mastery, and servitude?
In describing the special "virtuosity or prodigiousness of diction" of certain writers she admires, she says it comes from "a kind of effortless compactness,.
These considerations, however, should not detract from the prodigiousness of the author's achievement with his mastery of sources in several languages (both printed and manuscript) and his depth of understanding.
The key to Lazio's rise has been their prodigiousness in front of net.
The major works and life events are ordered by year, and one is immediately impressed with Cunningham's prodigiousness - gunning from the get-go when, at the age of 19, he moved to New York to become the second man ever to join Martha Graham's company.
Lacking the psychological knowledge that could help explain Mozart's prodigiousness, a biographer might be forgiven for concluding that the causes of Mozart's early accomplishments are a complete mystery.
Historically, then, the six jeux de mots written by Duchamp ("Abominables fourrures abdominales" [Dumas, Exploration 305]) and appearing in Litterature under the name "Rrose Selavy" were the first experiments in a wordplay that Desnos was to appropriate with far greater prodigiousness. Copying the Duchamp original, Desnos published 138 texts in Litterature in December, 1922.
Some of us may actually have qualified early on, given the wide age differences between the first Roceses, not to mention the prodigiousness of some of them.
Each novelist who projects the law of his particular novel affirms the genre's prodigiousness, its endless potentiality to be different, to incite the imagination of its future possibility.