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They can step into the world of the Walking Dead where the apocalypse has hit in OVERKILLs The Walking Dead Outbreak, battle bots atop a towering building in APE-X as a massive weaponized cybernetic ape, play the legendary assassin John Wick in John Wick Chronicles, or experience an exciting and pivotal scene from Universal Studios 2017 film, The Mummy, as a Prodigium Agent tasked with capturing the ancient princess Ahmanet in The Mummy Prodigium Strike.
A haphazard quest for salvation leads to a shadowy organisation called Prodigium fronted by chemical pathologist Dr Henry Jekyll (Russell Crowe).
The Mummy" director Alex Kurtzman revealed that he is an enigmatic scientist operating out of a mysterious place called Prodigium.
Parmi les tres nombreux synonymes disponibles dans la langue latine pour designer le signe envoye par les dieux (monstrum, omen, ostentum, portentum, prodigium, miraculum, visiblement confondus dans la theologie romaine, et sentis comme equivalents), le substantif monstrum, peu employe par les prosateurs, connait dans la poesie epique une expansion extraordinaire.
Por regla general, los estudios dedicados al tema se han centrado en el prodigium en si, en su significado religioso y propagandistico y su papel dentro de las fuentes escritas del periodo.
A spin-off of the Hex Hall series, this book introduces us to fifteen-year-old Izzie, whose family has an unusual occupation--they hunt wayward magical creatures called the Prodigium.
L'auteur indique, 263 << A l'origine, le prodigium aurait ete le "prodige" d'une voix divine se faisant entendre parmi tant d'autres signes.
In addition to his CRH duties, he is chief executive of Prodigium, a business advisory services provider.
At present Hartery is chief executive of consulting company Prodigium and a non-executive director of Musgrave Group plc and Eircom Limited.
Portentum prodigium quod ex 400 diuersis formis proponitur, ut homo equo mixtus.
The prodigium (astounding sign) of the Spirit's empowerment in tongues worship featured in Acts 2 and the credibility it gained from the sanctified lives of those who bore witness to Christ have been honored by most Pentecostals as valuable distinctives.
A spin-off of the successful Hex Hall series, this book introduces us to fifteen-year-old Izzie, whose family has an unusual occupation-they hunt wayward magical creatures called the Prodigium.