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We noted that the histopathologic findings in this patient were different from those discovered during the prodromal stage.
Zilactin-L treats cold sores in the prodromal stage in order to prevent them from breaking out, and it contains Lidocaine for strong pain relief.
Including the prodromal stage, this corresponds to 12-15 days of illness (Figure 2).
The clinical study demonstrating that Aphthasol(R) is highly effective when applied during the prodromal stage will be published shortly.
If these findings can be confirmed, they prove the existence of a long prodromal stage in subjects who are genetically destined to develop Alzheimer's disease.
Severe baby blues symptoms can be viewed as a prodromal stage for postpartum depression.
This finding suggests that a viremic phase may precede symptoms and that the onset of symptoms in the prodromal stage may be associated with humoral and cellular immune responses rather than viremia.