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The fact that women tended to report a prodromal symptom more often than men is intriguing in light of research suggestive of greater delay in women's help seeking for stroke symptoms.
Over the first 8 weeks, the placebo patients experienced "very little" change on their Scale of Prodromal Symptoms measures, indicating no measurable symptom reduction, while the patients taking olanzapine had significantly reduced measures.
My clinical impression is that the patient had prodromal symptoms of schizophrenia--a lot of magical thinking, some dysphoria, disorganized thoughts, and some mild insomnia--thus I made a clinical decision to put him on a very low dose of antipsychotics.
Recommended Dosage: 2 g twice a day (about 12 hours apart) for 1 day starting at the earliest sign of prodromal symptoms, such as tingling, burning, or itching.
Addington tries to develop an individualized early warning system: a roster of prodromal symptoms from earlier episodes, collected from family members as well as from patients when they are well.
Through a multicenter, randomized, placebo-controlled study called the Prevention Through Risk Identification Management and Education (PRIME) trial, patients identified as prodromal for schizophrenia using the Yale-developed Structured Interview for Prodromal Symptoms are randomized to double-blind, 1-year regimens of olanzapine (5-15 mg/day) or placebo.
Similarly, evidence has accumulated showing that we can treat adolescents with prodromal symptoms of schizophrenia in high school with prophylactic medication that prevents their symptoms from becoming clinically manifested.
Data obtained in New Zealand and Australia at the University of Melbourne indicate that the early detection of prodromal symptoms, followed by treatment with low-dose neuroleptic drugs, can prevent the onset of psychotic disorders.
We also found the prodromal symptoms follow an episodic pattern in these children, just like bipolar disorder does in adults," Janice A.
NEW YORK -- An insidious and inexplicable decline in a "normal but vulnerable" individual appears to be the most common pattern among adolescents with prodromal symptoms of schizophrenia, according to a family study reported at a conference on schizophrenia sponsored by Columbia University.
The average time between the onset of prodromal symptoms of bipolar disorder and diagnosis is 10 years, said Dr.
We now have 73 patients aged 12-18 [years] whom we are treating in our clinic for prodromal symptoms," she said.