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She shared the same bed and cared for him during his febrile prodrome but denied that they had sexual activity after symptom onset.
Affected children have a prodrome of high fever for 3 to 5 days, immediately followed by the appearance of diffuse erythematous macules and papules that blanch with pressure and have white halos surrounding each lesion.
Chest radiographs might be normal during the febrile prodrome and throughout the course of illness.
However, identification of the prodrome is not straightforward as symptoms are nonspecific, and many young people seem to experience quasi-psychotic symptoms without going on to develop schizophrenia.
I use it at the first sign of a prodrome, that little tingling that precedes a blister.
Identification of the schizophrenia prodrome in a hospital based patient population.
The most common prodrome in deep-brain complex partial seizures seems to be heightened intensity of emotional arousal--perhaps sometimes due to associated activation of the Olds and Milner 'drive centre'.
Her symptoms had followed a 3-day prodrome of dyspnea, myalgia, and sore throat.
Ninety-one percent of patients can identify their prodrome allowing them to initiate therapy in this narrow window of opportunity.
Tingling, burning or stinging at the site of the outbreak, the so-called prodrome, often heralds recurrent orofacial herpes.
Contextual analysis of mean and standard deviation of different density dames indicated that the period from day 1 (18 February) through day 16 (6 March) was the prodrome of the epidemic, whereas days 86 (15 May) to 106 (4 June) marked the declining phase of the outbreak.
We're already feeling the distinct prodrome of Clinton fatigue.