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In contrast, patients with a shorter prodrome often had rapidly declining mental status and seizures.
The length of prodrome was associated with clinical outcome at the time of discharge (Figure 2).
The correlation between the length of prodrome and clinical outcome is a key finding of our study.
They are hard to recognize, first, because sub-ictal states are seldom associated with convulsions; partial seizures do not cause dramatic losses of consciousness; the complex symptoms do not seem to have prodromes or even periodic unusual events that might suggest the need for a specific investigation (see Spiers, Schomer, Blume and Mesulam, 1985).
The most common prodrome in deep-brain complex partial seizures seems to be heightened intensity of emotional arousal--perhaps sometimes due to associated activation of the Olds and Milner 'drive centre'.
Both of us remarked that a consistent problem occurred when working with dangerous criminals and with young patients whose early delinquency later proved to be a prodrome for psychosis.
Some persons in whom inhalational anthrax develops will have short incubation periods and prodromes (12).
These diseases present with nonspecific prodromes that may have an insidious or abrupt onset.