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As a noun, the product of natural growth, labor, or capital. Articles produced or grown from or on the soil, or found in the soil.

As a verb, to bring forward; to show or exhibit; to bring into view or notice; as, to present a play, including its presentation in motion pictures. To produce witnesses or documents at trial in obedience to a subpoena or to be compelled to produce materials subject to discovery rules.

To make, originate, or yield, as gasoline. To bring to the surface, as oil. To yield, as revenue. Thus, funds are produced by taxation, not when the tax is levied, but when the sums are collected.


(Manufacture), verb accomplish, achieve, assemble, bear, beget, breed, bring about, bring forth, bring into being, bring into existence, bring to pass, build, coin, compose, conceive, concoct, construct, contrive, create, devise, draw up, effect, effectuate, engender, erect, fabricate, fashion, form, formulate, furnish, generate, give birth to, give rise to, hatch, institute, invent, make, make up, originate, prepare, procreate, propagate, raise, realize, result in, turn out, yield
Associated concepts: producing cause


(Offer to view), verb air, bring forward, bring into view, bring out, bring to light, bring to the fore, bring to the front, demonstrate, disclose, display, divulge, dramatize, evidence, evince, exhibit, expose, give a perrormance, hold up to view, impart, lay bare, lay out, make visible, manifest, parade, present, put on display, put on the stage, reveal, set out, show, uncover, unfold, unmask, unscreen, unveil
Associated concepts: failure to produce, notice to produce, produce a witness, produce evidence
See also: adduce, avail, bear, build, cargo, cause, commodities, compose, conjure, constitute, create, develop, discharge, effectuate, engender, evoke, exhibit, fabricate, form, formulate, frame, furnish, generate, germinate, goods, increase, induce, inspire, invent, make, manufacture, merchandise, occasion, offer, originate, output, perform, perpetrate, proceeds, product, profit, propagate, provide, pullulate, realize, supply, tender, yield
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The brothers soon found they could produce other things using the type-casting machine, such as collar buttons, tiny animals, rings, whistles and other small novelty items.
Water that contains pathogens can come into contact with crops both during irrigation and in subsequent washing of harvested produce or its storage in ice.
Independent fabricators and companies that melt scrap or dross to produce RSI or molten metal that is used in their plants for direct processing or sold in the market commonly use this technique.
In the MFC modified to produce hydrogen, the cathode is kept free of oxygen.
Many rubber-producing plants produce natural rubber, although few do so in high yields or high molecular weights.
Randip Singh, aged 31, of Roselands Avenue, Henley Green, Coventry, driving with an incorrect licence, failing to produce a licence, using a vehicle without insurance and failing to produce a certificate of insurance, fined pounds 210.
Because there were a total of 31680 coincidence events, the overall backscatter veto efficiency is estimated to be between 90% and 96%--within the tolerances required to produce a sub-1% measurement of little "a".
Honduras' sugar industry is going long on the need to produce clean energy, investing $54 million.
Syngenta develops the seeds that produce Dulcinea's unique fruits, while Tanimura & Antle--a technologically advanced U.
The farming and refining process needed to produce one gallon of ethanol requires the equivalent of 1.
The coating machines can produce silk and glossy paper.