produce an effect

See: affect
References in classic literature ?
Their appearance was certainly calculated to produce an effect.
to save appearances and produce an effect on the nurse.
She knew by experience the form of letter which might be trusted to produce an effect on him, and she now wrote it in these words:
Gratified pride, resentment, embarrassment, chased each other over his broad and open brow, like the shadow of clouds drifting over a harvest-field; while his attendants, on whom the name of the sixth knight seemed to produce an effect almost electrical, hung in suspense upon their master's looks.
The term "efficacy" can be defined as the power to produce an effect.
Poised in front of the innumerable buttercups growing along the Guermantes Way, the young Marcel finds that, unable literally to devour the flowers in order "to consummate with my palate the plea sure which the sight of them never failed to give me," his pleasure "accumulates" on the flowers' golden surfaces "until it became potent enough to produce an effect of absolute, purposeless beauty.
Irradiating a liquid hydrocarbon with high-frequency, high-intensity sound waves can produce an effect much like the burning of fuels, say researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Unlike other applications for the treatment of dermal defects, the proposed Isolagen(R) treatment utilizies only the patients unique, living cells to produce an effect.
The aim is to produce an effect "analogous" to what transpired in the associated but independent space of the gallery.
This is another, strong indication that waves from a seismic event can in fact produce an effect in the ionosphere.