produce an example

See: illustrate
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Indeed, two attorneys speaking on the proposed rules at NACUSO on April 15 could not produce an example when asked.
Even if you cannot escape from your own cultural conditioning, in some ways you can embrace other cultural sensibilities and reflect them in your own cultural context and produce an example of fruitful coexistence of cultural differences.
In this paper we shall produce an example that this assumption is not always correct.
The report said: "Remodelling is planned for Slaithwaite to produce an example of what burial grounds should look like and the standard to which they should be maintained.
Although not given with this paper, one should be able to expand the second example given above by working with a "fat" Cantor set of positive measure set instead of the classical Cantor set to produce an example where [K.
The pro-repeal American Farm Bureau was asked to produce an example of a farmer who had lost a farm because of the estate tax.