produce equilibrium

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Given these underlying conditions, the question arises as to how much vacant space is needed in a balanced, efficient market to produce equilibrium?
The theory from our team's first round of work suggested similar-sized, symmetrical aperture walls (i.e., a pure square with equal sides) produce equilibrium whereby the paste release doesn't follow a natural first to last order.
He analyzes what causes or tends to produce equilibrium (fragility, calm and energy), then talks of regulating feelings and moods, and curing ourselves of the disease of materialism.
Some researchers have found that pink has a calming effect; green tends to tranquilize and produce equilibrium; violet has an intense electrochemical power, and when a person is under strong cardiovascular and nervous tension, violet helps to harmonize and synchronize different functions of the organism.
The normal Marshallian demand and supply curves in this case appear inverted and the law of supply and demand does not work to produce equilibrium prices (see Appendix, p.