produce evidence

See: confirm, verify
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In her statementon Thursday, she said that 26 of the suspects were acquitted before police could not produce evidence against them.
The judge said the petition did not produce evidence that a Naftal Obwocha, a said staff of Kisii County truly worked for the county.
The court rejected his claim since he failed to produce evidence of payment, reports our sister paper Akhbar Al Khaleej.
On which, the court asked the prosecution to produce evidence in support of its allegations.
Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said that establishment is backing Nawaz Sharif adding Maryum Nawaz should produce evidence before the accountability court.
Senator Grace Poe who chairs the Senate panel, meanwhile, underscored the need for Nieto to produce evidence on his claims.
It has also asked Chavan to produce evidence as rebuttal to evidence produced by the complainants by June 9.
Midland MEP Mike Nattrass said he believed that the trial scheme would produce evidence supporting nationalisation.
Apparently one reason is a reluctance to produce evidence that could jeopardise national security.
To suggest people would rather wait months for an appeal on reduced benefit than produce evidence first time round beggars belief.