produce evidence

See: confirm, verify
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Hussain called on secret agencies including the MI, ISI and IB to produce evidence of MQM's workers involvement in the violence.
It has also asked Chavan to produce evidence as rebuttal to evidence produced by the complainants by June 9.
Midland MEP Mike Nattrass said he believed that the trial scheme would produce evidence supporting nationalisation.
Apparently one reason is a reluctance to produce evidence that could jeopardise national security.
To suggest people would rather wait months for an appeal on reduced benefit than produce evidence first time round beggars belief.
But at a hearing on Thursday, Mr Begraj's lawyer Declan O'Dempsey said the search had been unsatisfactory, repeating his call to "strike out" the case because Heer Manak has failed to produce evidence, including emails.
Liberal Democrat Mike Hancock challenged the security services to produce evidence against Katia Zatuliveter, who was arrested on Thursday morning and is being held at an immigration detention centre.
Sri Lanka on Tuesday challenged rights groups and the international media to produce evidence of war crimes allegedly committed in the final months of the island's separatist war with Tamil rebels.
Regarding the infringement issue, the Court said, I find, however, that the plaintiff's inability to produce evidence of the actual values of the variables [recited in the formula of the patent] for the accused Sylvania bulbs is fatal to its claims of infringement.
The Bank of Ireland has admitted it has lost the actual guarantee but insists it can produce evidence Mr Lennon signed it in February 2006.
Chainrai plans to produce evidence that he has invested cash in Pompey.