produce rapidly

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The conventional measurements have grown less usable, however, with more advanced welding processes that produce rapidly changing outputs, such as short arc and pulse modes.
Ladia expects to produce rapidly growing revenues throughout 1999 and beyond with operating margins consistent with industry standards.
For example, a new generation of liquid crystal video displays charged with AI-coordinated electrical currents produce rapidly alternating, oppositely polarized images that, when viewed through special polarized glasses, appear completely three-dimensional and are much easier to interpret than conventional "layered," two-dimensional views.
It is gratifying that scientists at sanofi-aventis appreciate the unique potential of VelociGene to produce rapidly and precisely, customized knock-out and transgenic expression models.
The ability to produce rapidly a diverse range of dosage forms without the associated manufacturing complexity is relevant to the demands of both clinical trials and the market place.
Mobitrac's straightforward data integration and broad set of tools has allowed us to produce rapidly actionable information," said Fred Beljaars, executive vice president for operations at DHL Americas.
We could not be more excited about this merger, and we believe our combined ability to grow assets by serving our communities will produce rapidly increasing profits and value for our combined shareholder group.
Our increased activities in carrier traffic, the Magic Money and Magic Phone products will produce rapidly growing revenue stream with increasing margins.