produce the evidence

See: adduce, bear
References in classic literature ?
The Lord Advocate (speaking on behalf of the Crown) claimed it as his right to produce the evidence.
Instead of constantly moaning about civil servants, Jacob Rees-Mogg and his cronies need to actually produce the evidence to support the financial benefits of Brexit, that does not include the widely discredited claims plastered on the side of buses
Way back in July 2005 I challenged the mayor and the Labour Group to produce the evidence that guaranteed funding - thus justifying the mass bulldozing of hundreds of houses in Gresham and St Hilda's.
If we were criminals the police would have to produce the evidence before going to court so I wish the police would treat us like criminals and we might get a fair deal.
You can have all the legislation you like promising 'we'll confiscate your car, we'll fine you pounds 1000' but if you can't actually produce the evidence in court, what's it worth?
As for this business about The Beatles being "influenced" by Dylan, I challenge the Dylanistas to produce the evidence.
I'm terribly upset and offended and I demand an apology if she cannot produce the evidence.
The council, which owns the Terriers' home ground at Doctor Pit Welfare, says it imposed the ban only after letters and meetings with club officials failed to produce the evidence of public liability insurance that it needs.
Either produce the evidence, or retract the allegation.
features that need to be present in order for students to produce the evidence, features that affect task difficulty, etc.