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As a noun, the product of natural growth, labor, or capital. Articles produced or grown from or on the soil, or found in the soil.

As a verb, to bring forward; to show or exhibit; to bring into view or notice; as, to present a play, including its presentation in motion pictures. To produce witnesses or documents at trial in obedience to a subpoena or to be compelled to produce materials subject to discovery rules.

To make, originate, or yield, as gasoline. To bring to the surface, as oil. To yield, as revenue. Thus, funds are produced by taxation, not when the tax is levied, but when the sums are collected.

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276 results from a passing-note A [MUSICAL NOTES FOR PRODUCEABLE OF ASCII] that an editorial natural might easily rectify--and perhaps this is what Aldrich intended).
"The rush to get into the market and play in it is largely due to the fact that the technology is made to be produceable inexpensively," added Morley.
On the artistic side, although we've been very, very fortunate to find work that expresses our mission, we began to ask, "How can we make sure that this work will continue, that there will always be a flow of produceable work?" I believe we began thinking this way because of the lack of purpose in many of the plays that we received.