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Bernero cites Tandem's knack for creating content with diverse stories, locales and internationally known casts that appeal to ands worldwide--a strategy that attracted the eye of Studiocanal, which sees Tandem as a way to rev up TV production and distribution.
* Telefilm Canada announces a $165-million Feature Film Fund over five years to assist in the production and distribution of feature films.
Arrowhead Industries, Cleveland, OH, announced that its design, production and distribution operations have received certification to the QS-9000, 1998, third edition and ISO 9002, 1994 international quality system standard.
The Mint and the Federal Reserve tried to accommodate the depository institutions, but the production and distribution logistics associated with this accelerated schedule made it difficult for the Mint and the Federal Reserve to meet depository institutions' initial orders for the dollar coin.
The cost advantages brought on by one production and distribution process shared by many were lost as each institution was required to redundantly develop its own storage and access platform.
The early electronic-only journals were also born under this model--a result of the significant reduction in production and distribution costs for the online electronic journal versus CD-ROM or paper equivalents.
banking sector and now runs Berlin-based production and distribution company NFP with his brother Stefan, the cinematic undertakings reflect a personal desire to contribute and remind audiences that Germany has much to offer.
An increase in screens, better post-production (most films are sent to labs outside Egypt) and privatization has contributed to the steady growth of the industry, according to Essad Younes, CEO of Al Arabia Cinema Production and Distribution.
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