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Influence of different stall type and resting surfaces on milk yield and some production diseases were investigated in 6 FS herds with sand, 3 FS herds with rubber, 13 FS herds with concrete and 15 TS herds with concrete resting surfaces.
HPAI) and production diseases (Marek's disease, Avian leucosis, Newcastle disease, Salmonella, Campylobacter, Coccidiosis, etc) shows.
Intended for veterinarians, researchers, and others involved in animal husbandry, contributions are organized in sections on transition cow biology and management, metabolic effects of immune mediators, animal behavior and welfare, infection and infectious diseases, reproductive health, epidemiology of production diseases, alternatives to growth promoting antibiotics, macromineral metabolism, micromineral nutrition, the role of specific fatty acids, mastitis, rumen digestion and metabolism, and the application of genomics to production diseases.

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