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Last year there was a potential "prize" of an additional 160,000 barrels of oil equivalent (boe) a day, equating to 59 million boe a year from all hubs hitting an average production efficiency of 80% in the UKCS.
Compression systems, shutdowns and midstream infrastructure, including onshore terminals and pipelines, are the three key areas where the Production Efficiency Task Force sees the most potential for operators and their suppliers to work together to improve performance.
In order to more fully and effectively explain the effects of financial services and fiscal incentives on agricultural production efficiency, this article will improve the existing research from the following two aspects: First, using financial services and fiscal incentives as explanatory variables, comprehensively and systematically investigates the influential effect of financial and fiscal support to agriculture on agricultural production efficiency; Second, using the super efficiency DEA model and the system generalized method of moment estimator (GMM), effectively controls endogenous explanatory variable problems to ensure the accuracy of the estimation results.
Ramsey, NJ, announced a manufacturing optimization program designed to increase domestic production efficiency and capacity for its ZSK twin screw and Kneader extruder screw elements, barrels and associated parts.
Through the application of the Autoliv Production System, the facility has improved production efficiency by 75%, reduced change-over time by 20%, improved customer quality by 98%, boosted inventory turnover from 14 to 24, increased units produced per week by 94%, and improved LMPU (Labor minutes per unit) by 23%, even while launching 64 new programs.
This interactive CD-ROM provides the help a finishing room requires to maintain winder production efficiency with an overview of wound roll structure wound roll testing and other areas of winding practices.
Naturally, they want to schedule around that bottleneck to maximize production efficiency.
To help transform its packaging lines, Gumlink turned to GE Fanuc for a Production Management software solution, which has enabled the company to access key metrics for improved decision-making, increase production efficiency by 10%, drive the flexibility and scalability needed to introduce new products quickly, and achieve payback in less than three months.
This can be measured in Overall Production Efficiency or Production Reliability or Prime Tons/Cost.
The recstill boost in capacity is said to be the result of an ongoing program for maximizing production efficiency at the company's lead stabilizer facility in Philadelphia, PA.
EVS offers a broad portfolio of automatic in-line inspection and quality monitoring systems used to improve product quality and increase production efficiency.
As the web of paper is fed into the slitting section, two issues impact the sheeting line's overall flexibility and production efficiency.

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