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65 percent of the total production losses affecting 708 hectares of corn at seedling and vegetative growth stages.
Production losses to rice, although not significant, has reached some P1,075,905 or 21% reduction in area planted due to insufficient water supply from the water source and the farmers inability to plant their second rice crop.
426 billion reported production losses incurred in 2015.
In addition to minimizing production losses attributable to system stoppages, the new technology eliminates manual measurements, potential errors associated with manual data entry, further improving productivity and efficiency.
These delays cause extraordinary production losses (as both domestic and foreign customers turn back) and badly affect capability of the textile industry.
8% to GDP in 2010, the mining sector was expected to spur economic growth last year after the world economy recovered from the worst economic crisis in decades but the worst floods in recent history and production losses at the country's two major mines, Namdeb and Rossing after crippling strikes that lasted weeks, and delays in the development of uranium projects means the mining sector's contribution to GDP will be minimal.
However, we have not totally compensated our production losses in 2009," Ergun told reporters after meeting Ali Agha Mohammadi, Iranian assistant first vice-president, in Ankara.
Certain bacteria in the intestines not only can contaminate meat during processing, but also may lead to major production losses by causing disease in broiler chickens.
With the chamfered seal design, production losses from scrap, retesting, and rework are minimized, according to the manufacturer.
Although quantitative risk assessment has been commonly used in aerospace and nuclear industries, it can also be used for quantifying economic risk and for estimating possibilities of potential production losses in a petrochemical or a manufacturing plant.
According to research in the US scientific journal, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, wine production losses in California could hit 40%.
Mild weather, high inventories of natural gas in storage and no production losses from hurricanes like we saw last year, have helped to moderate natural gas prices nationwide," said Michelle Mueller, vice president of customer service at The Gas Company.