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Beyond production losses, the study shows how disasters can cause unemployment and erode incomes especially for small scale family farmers, thus threatening rural livelihoods.
In addition, textile sector is facing four days a week gas load shedding that is resulting in huge production losses across the industry.
Recently, quantitative risk assessment methodology has been utilized in commercial applications for minimizing production losses in complex plants with multiple interacting units and processes.
We adopted a societal perspective and included the costs incurred by healthcare services, private costs, and production losses.
Short-term livestock production losses figure to be in the range of $30,000,000, as millions of chickens were killed and dairy producers discarded an estimated $3,000,000 worth of milk due to power outages on farms and at processing plants.
Poor release of parts from the mold cavities has also been a source of production losses.
But these vaccines can cause adverse reactions in some birds, with resulting production losses.
7 billion yen (pounds 24 million) against the Iwat closure and said that production losses at the plant, which specialises in chips used in smart cards, was continuing to affect group sales and profits.
IT is feared that Clwyd Theatr Cymru in Mold could end up pounds 50,000 in the red this financial year because of net production losses and the need to buy essential equipment.
Forty of the world's poorest nations are likely to suffer food production losses of up to 25 percent due to global warming, a new report shows.
In terms of costs such as lowered property market value, abatement measures, avoidance, prevention, medical care, and production losses, the annual cost of noise pollution has been estimated by the European Commission to be as high as 38 billion [European Dollar] (or US$34 million).
Following a fact-finding mission to the quake area last week, researchers from the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research concluded that the manufacturing sector in central Taiwan is likely to see production losses of 360 billion N.