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No increases in problem-solving demands, production responsibility and production pressure resulted from Phase 2 changes and there was a marginal decrease in perceived monitoring demands.
Dr Hal Aral from the Minerals Down Under Flagship says the industry is facing 'desperate times' with the combination of water scarcity, declining ore grades, expanding hydrometallurgical operations and escalating production pressures.
But CSC's full production pressures downstream steelmakers, who still have large inventories that will adversely affect sound development of the steel market.
Last March it faced an even sterner attack over the disaster from the US Chemical Safety Board, whose chairman Carolyn Merritt said: "The combination of cost-cutting, production pressures and failure to invest caused a progressive deterioration of safety at the refinery.
Of course, there's always the daily production pressures, but she says Flakeboard's job rotation program helps alleviate those stresses.
Resourcing" refers to a range of in-built deficiencies that characterize the chemicals industry as a whole: its personnel, hardware, production pressures, planning, communication, training, plant design, and maintenance.
Hopkins, however, expressly links the culture of denial to the production pressures under which the mine operated (Chapter 10).
Known as "breakdown maintenance," this approach to machinery maintenance is often driven by production pressures.

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