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total production program costs = PDV (rental income) + PDV (development subsidies).
Unlike some conventional curriculums, Gnomon's Entertainment Design and Digital Production Program is blended to provide both a core foundation of toolsets, as well as specialized tracks that prepare students to work in the field of their choice.
For more information about the Audio Production program, call the admissions office at 1.
Joint Exploration and Production Program in the Appalachian Basin is Announced
Telephonics, in support of SRC, has committed every resource necessary to ensure the success of this critical production program for next-generation capability against Remote Control Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIED) known as Counter RCIED Electronic Warfare Increment Two (Crew-2).
Material acquired through grant programs, and certain material obtained through Foreign Military Sales (FMS) programs or Cooperative Production programs require a confirmed visual inventory, at the item serial number level, on a periodic basis.
Under the new organization, the people responsible for architectural engineering work on both production programs and advanced architectures.
SatCon also develops and builds digital power electronics, high-efficiency machines and control systems for a variety of defense applications with the strategy of transitioning those technologies into multiyear production programs.
GAO estimated that, for units with the same number of bedrooms in the same general location, the production programs cost more than housing vouchers.
The production programs are expected to be in place in Palmdale by March or April, Day said.
Man-in-the-Loop Scheduling - This produces feasible production programs that load work centers to a finite capacity using the man/computer partnership.
CTS Corporation (NYSE:CTS) today announced that CTS Automotive Products was awarded multiple production programs for its Seat Belt Tension Sensor (BTS) by a major North American global vehicle manufacturer.

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