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It is also a matter of pleasure that the name of 41 scientists of PARC have been included in the Directory of Productive Scientists of Pakistan in the subject of Agriculture and Biological Sciences.
Bataweel added that productive families had not yet succeeded in capturing a reasonable share of the market, as foreign labor is still in control.
This will enhance their ability to contribute to the economies of their countries, she said, calling for concerted efforts to support productive families in order to launch small and medium-sized enterprises.
The Best Product Award was granted to Maymoona Abdulla Al Khayat, while the Best Productive Family award was given to the family of Nada Mohammed Mustafa.
It bears repeating: If you want to have productive disagreements, you cannot turn them into personal attacks.
Al Roumi expressed her admiration about the quality of products featured by the productive families.
Part-time workers, in particular, feel themselves to be most productive of all by a significant margin.
Key principles and concepts of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).
Letting girls play: Using sport to create safe spaces and build social assets," Promoting Healthy, Safe, and Productive Transitions to Adulthood Brief no.
McKinsey Global Institute emerging country case studies show that in most cases net employment in retailing increases when the sector adopts more productive formats.
A number of pioneering colleges already have implemented wellness courses into their curriculum, empowering their students with information to keep them healthy and musically productive.
No country that lacks productive and industrial strength is capable of surviving, according to the FTAA, even with its added flexibility.