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Productive life refers to the total days from the first calving date to the last (culling) date including dry periods (Tsuruta et al.
But he managed to incorporate the regular use of another opiate, morphine pills, into a busy, productive life.
Recovery is possible, symptoms can be overcome, and a productive life can be lived.
What we can say is that "The West Wing" has introduced a first on national TV: a lead character who has both an MS diagnosis and the hope for a continued productive life.
If we're not willing to stand up and present ourselves as integrated human beings whose sexuality is a component of a balanced and productive life, then straight people can't be expected to figure it out.
NEW YORK, June 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Kidney dialysis patients have benefited from great strides in medical care and today have much greater potential to return to an active and productive life, according to a new report issued today by a blue-ribbon panel of noted physicians, nurses, social workers and other authorities in the field.
Sample talking points include appeals to black pride, branded product over price savings, the desire for convenience, and ultimately, the desire to lead a healthy, productive life.
he practically built, that he left for early retirement and was never able to get adequate grants to fund his research during the last third of his long and productive life, a loss to the world.
Warren (Skip) Wheeler president of Gulf Petroleum Exchange stated: Overtime, perforating and acidizing other formations within the same well, can extend the economical productive life of the well for several years.
With this training, they have a better chance at having a more productive life, working and living independently.
This could amount to 40-60% of the cost being paid for by rebates and credits now, in the face of rising energy costs over the systems' 25 year productive life.

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